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Thoughts on Visual Communication

My work explores the non-verbal communicative intersection of the visual arts and music within the larger context of the biomorphic tradition originating early last century.

The influence of such musical concepts as rhythm, building on a theme over time, syncopation and dissonance share a kinship with process-oriented work that is developed as a journey through time and bears the marks of a dialectic between artist and medium.

Whether working in printmaking, drawing or painting, each image is an exploration as opposed to a predetermined destination, the concrete result of a multitude of decisions and conversations over time that attempt to divine something that resonates with the viewer while letting the beauty of the medium itself remain an essential part of the visual experience.

The title of many of my works are riffs on the titles of American or Latin jazz songs or albums.  My work is not intended to illustrate these musical pieces but the titles are intended to provide partial context to the thinking and inspiration behind them.  Other key influences in my work aside from the many artists whose work I admire are the thinking of the French philosopher Henri Bergson regarding the accumulation of time and how it changes experience, and the writings of the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo that framed post-modernist thought in a manner that opened the door for a creative path forward that wasn’t entirely captured by Modernist thought.

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