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Flesh Tracing, Multiplate Collagraph Monoprint, 22x30, 06-20242023-05, Jammin', 22x30, collagraph monoprintBlue, collagraph, Sept 2023, 22x302023-06 Lemon Slice, Collagraph Monoprint, 22x30Two Figures, collagraph, 22.5x30.75, 01-2021, one of oneRabble-about, Collagraph Monoprint, 22x30, 20242023-07, Of Human Feelings, Collagraph Monoprint, 22x302023-12, Bluesy, Collagraph monoprint, 22x30202406_Jammin' in Green_Multiplate Colograph Monoprint_22x30