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2023-05, Jammin', 22x30, collagraph monoprint2023-06 Lemon Slice, Collagraph Monoprint, 22x302018-04 Bailando Bajo las Luces 42x90Green Lights, collagraph, 22.5x30.75, 02-2021, one of oneTide Pool, collagraph, July 2022, 21.5x30.75, one of oneTwo Figures, collagraph, 22.5x30.75, 01-2021, one of one2018-00 Head 8 pt 5 x 112021-04 Two Figures, 1 of 1, collagraph, 22.5x312018-04 Head Riff 42 x 542018-00 Self Portrait with Dangly Earrings 22x302022-04, E's Flat, Acid's Not, 40x482023-07, Of Human Feelings, Collagraph Monoprint, 22x30