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2023-12, Zephyricochet, Oil on canvas, 60x762022-07, Black Switchback Rythm - Cheating Grisaille Series, Oil on canvas, 60x762023-08, Melon, Oil on canvas, 60x762023-03, Portland Haze, Oil on canvas, 60x762022-11, Bodily, Oil on canvas, 60x762021-06 Swing Traces, Oil on Canvas, 60x762021-09 The Lost Sextet, Oil on Canvas, 60x76_2022-05 Vasserlean - Cheating Grisaille Series, 60x762022-08, Saxofon y Trumpeta, Oil on Canvas, 60x762022-05 Hot Melon, 60x762022-10, Twilight Chatter - Cheating Grisaille Series, Oi on canvas, 60x762022-10, Tangle, Oil on canvas, 60x762023-02, Counterpoint Wiggle, Oil on canvas, 60x762023-10, Oil on Canvas, 60x76