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Saxophone Tracks, casein and India ink on paper, 22x30Rabbits, casein and India ink on paper, 22x30Pepper's Summertime, oilstick on paper, 22x30March 2nd, casein on board, 20x30Jelly Welly, casein on board, 20x30Dance, casein and india ink on board, 20x30Coral Dance, oilstick on paper, 22x302022-12 Grabby, oilstick on paper, 22x302022-09 Riff, casein on board, 20x302022-09 Art Pepper, casein on board, 20x302022-07 Song and Mist, casein on board, 20x302022-02 Ukraine February 8, 2022, Casein on board, 20x302022-02 Flesh on Bone, Casein and India Ink on board, 20x30Syncopation, India Ink and Casein on paper, 22x30Straight with Some Chaser, Casein and India Ink on paper, 22x30